Design office

The mechatronic design office correlates computer, electronic and mechanic skills in order to achieve an efficient and competitive autonomous system. We use advanced technologies such as digitalization and miniaturization.

R&Drone logiciels embarqués et systèmes autonomes
Industriel mécatronique R&Drone

Manufacturing unit

cycle innovation robotique

Thanks to its manufacturing unit, Robotics Industry can produce autonomous systems previously designed in the design office. Our equipment and expertise allow us to create our robotic solutions in small series.

robot terrestre

Environmental analysis

Droneo is a unmanned surface vehicle capable of carrying useful sensors adapted to each specific application.

It involves the construction of a geological maps describing the nature of mapped soils, it provides some data such as turbidity measurement.

Thanks to its sensors, Droneo is able to perform several analyses to determine water quality while taking into account various factors (temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity…).

Bathymetry is the science of depths and undersea relief measurements. It deterrmines the submerged soil topography.

carte bathymétrique
More about Droneo

Aerial Mapping

These services are provided by a consortium of three complementary business experts. They have the necessary skills and references to achieve the planned activities in this offer :

conception de systèmes autonomes

Autonomous data acquisition tools design expert


Geometer expert

Company specialized in the earth observation data processing

It is the process of making surveys and maps trough the use of aerial photographs. This method relies entirely on rigorous modeling of geometry images and their acquistion to reconstruct an exact 3D copy of the reality.

Often used for topographical surveys, photogrammetry has many other applications : archeology, architecture, stock career calculation volumes, site supervision during public works…

Our expertise in photogrammetry fields, acquisition and data processing enables us to achieve career maps more efficiently and at a lower cost than a conventional topographic survey.
Our mapping solution is simple, safe and easy to implement. Furthermore it does not involve a break in the career activity.