Who we are

Based in Blanquefort (France), Robotics Industry is a mechatronics industrial specialized in the design of air, marine and land autonomous systems for professionals in both civilian and military areas.

Equipped with a design office and a manufacturing unit, our expertise consists in advising and studying the technical and economical feasibility of a project, as well as managing its development and industrialization.

We include complete management of the project based on the specifications of the customer loads. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to have an innovative approach in the design of robotic systems dedicated to new uses, in three main areas: environment, safety / security and industry. Our standalone systems are also accessible with our key partners’ services to aggregate their business expertise.

The company

Business areas

The applications for our autonomous systems in this area are almost unlimited. Our professionnal USVs, UGVs and UAVs are able to perform many tasks : Industrial inspection, infrastructure and dangerous sites monitoring, cubature calculation of various stocks…


Civilian USVs are entering the world of marine environment protection. With the multitude of sensors that it is able to carry, Droneo is an ideal tool for the environment. It can, among other things, help manage water resources and monitor offshore, coastal or river infrastructures. It can also map the seamounts and analyze sediment retention basins.


Our robots and drones can cover a wide range of missions involving surveillance, reconnaissance and doubts raised in hazardous areas with difficult access (metal sheaths, contaminated areas…). They are also used for protection of people and crowd control. Our autonomous systems are useful both in the civil and military domains.



Engineering office

R & DRONE: symbiosis of mechanical, electronical and embedded software expertise.
We have a global approach of the robotic system.
We use advanced technologies such as digital, geolocation and miniaturization.

Manufacturing unit

R&Drone operates throughout the product life cycle. We start with the study of feasibility to end with the industrialization of the product. In order to do this, the company is equiped with a manufacturing unit in which robotic solutions are machined, assembled and tested. Therefore, R&Drone controls the product value chain


industrial design
2D / 3D CAD
Calculations Weight / power / energy


Design / schematic / Routing
Radio frequency
Tests, simulations and qualifications

Data processing

Embedded systems
Dev software / microcontroller
FPGA dev
Dev Log Linux / windows

Human Machine Interface
Remote control
interface design / usability
Data Interpretation / Signal / image



Technical feasibility study and determination of technological, human and financial resources needed.



Robot qualification phase. S1/S2/S3 certification.



First phase of development, tests & calculations to make a prototype



Once the product is finished, certified and in line with the the customer’s expectations we start the production in our manufacturing unit.



Design of a prototype, Functional qualification of the robot



Once the prototype meets the customer expectations, the industrialization phase begins. We are able to manufacture small series.

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