The company

mechatronic industrial

Robotics Industry is a mechatronic industrial that correlates electronical, mechanical and embedded software skills. All these skills are required to develop autonomous systems such as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), USVs (unmanned surface vehicle) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles).

In response to usage issues, the company develops autonomous systems with various types of sensors (cameras, electronic nose, sonars…) in line with the customers’ requirements.

Robotics Industry creates new autonomous working tools :  UAVs for inspection, USVs for calculating siltation or UGVs to map pipeline networks…
The company can “dronify” any kind of vehicle (boats, quads, construction machines…). Our mission is to create new uses in data acquisition in the areas of environment, safety and industry  trough the design of autonomous systems.

robot terrestre

The team

Marco Calcamuggi

Marco Calcamuggi

Chief executive